B2B Content Marketplace FAQs


a. What is the B2B Marketplace all about?

APC offers the Content Marketplace through the B2B MeetingSpaces – THE place for brand licensing, content exchanges, joint ventures and collaboration on advertising and distribution logistics. An exclusive club of buyers, sellers and enablers from 15 countries are expected.

Visiting APC and its Content Marketplace is a unique opportunity to learn about the benefits of trading content. Publishers and Editors can introduce their products to buyers across borders. Freelancers and solutions enablers can introduce their services to publishers. Writers and industry leaders can sell and buy copyrights across borders, develop new business opportunities and demonstrate the latest trends and tech developments.

b. What is the profile of the delegates?

Delegates are:

• CEOs, publishers, editors & managers of CONTENT businesses

• Advertisers who need to learn to use the variety of multimedia channels effectively;

• Advertising agencies whose lifeblood is effective consumer engagement.

• Solutions providers who need to interact with those in “convergence zone” including games development, ‘sticky’ apps for website traffic and utility value feature developers

• Writers, designers, technology solutions service providers in the multimedia cyberspace will all benefit

• Licensors and Licensees – Booksellers, Agents, Illustrators, Translators, Packagers and Distributors

c. What are the main features of the B2B Content Marketplace?

There will be three suites:

1. Publishing Suite: Publishers and Editors that wish to sell, exchange, license, syndicate or franchise content or buy freelance or other services – including books, e-books, graphic novels, videos, and films.

Bring materials you want to sell in soft form. Allow buyers to browse these on your laptop or tablet. Have a price list ready. Offer a big discount to those who still need to translate your content. APC provides you with a standard agreement form.

2. Freelance Café: Sell your content, illustrations, photographs, or your services. Bring samples of your work and a price list. APC provides you with an agreement / sales form template.

Writer, Illustrator, Designer, Translator, Agent, Publisher and Editor. APC invites all of you to a special appointment with publishing decision makers.

3. Digi Center: For digital solutions: digital newsstands, printers, app developers, technology suppliers and multimedia professionals. A special presentation area has been reserved for you. Present your solutions and services.3. What are the rates for the MeetingSpace and what are the inclusions?

d. What are the different types of B2B MeetingSpaces?

You can choose among sofa sets, round table with chairs and desk space with chairs.



Sofa Set






Round table with chairs






Desk space with chairs




(Note: Sofa set may vary in color and type depending on availability.)


2. Registration

a. How can I sign up as a B2B MeetingSpace participant?

Please fill up the registration form and send it to rachelfabon@exedraevents.com. Kindly arrange the payment as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience. The deadline of registration and payment is on May 21, 2013. Booths are confirmed only upon receipt of payment.

b. What are the rates of the B2B MeetingSpaces and what are the inclusions?






c. Can I get a discount?

As a general rule we do not negotiate and neither do we provide any discounts. However if there is a strong benefit being provided to the delegates in line with the team of the event, we can talk.

d. What are the methods of payment?

You can pay by credit card and bank transfer.

1. Bank Transfer

*Account Number: 8-260-00326-8

Account Name: Asia Pacific Publishing Convention

Swift Code: RCBCPHMM

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

San Lorenzo Village Branch

1018 L & R Bldg., A. Arnaiz Ave., San Lorenzo Village

Makati City, 1223 Metro Manila, Philippines

Please fax bank transfer slip to: (632) 819 3752

2. Credit Card

*For security purposes, kindly fax us your Credit Card details at (632) 819 3752 with the following information:

Card Type: [ ] MasterCard [ ] Visa [ ] American Express

Cardholder’s Name:

Card Number:

(Kindly include the last 3 digits on the reverse side of your Visa/MasterCard or the 4 digits on top of your Amex card. Please enclose in a parenthesis.)

Expiry Date:

Billing Address:

e. What is the B2B MeetingSpace ID and how many is allotted to our company?

The B2B MeetingSpace ID is given to those who will man the meeting space. This will allow the holder access to the APC Content Marketplace area only. Two name badges are given out per company for every space.

f. Do B2B MeetingSpace participants need to register as delegates?

No. B2B MeetingSpace participants can man their booths using the B2B MeetingSpace ID that will be provided. However, the ID is good for the Content Marketplace area only and the wearer cannot go inside sessions, have conference meals nor attend other functions. However, you can enjoy all of these privileges by registering as a delegate and by purchasing a networking pass for the second person manning your space.

g. Can I get a delegate list?

Yes. We will give out a hardcopy of the delegate list on the start of the event but not prior to the event. Names, company and country only.

h. Are meals included?

No, meals and coffee breaks are not included in the rates. Optional meal rates are available upon request. You can choose to order lunch coupons. Rates to be announced shortly.

3. Special Networking Pass

The Special Networking Pass is a special rate extended only to the 2nd person from the same company who has taken a B2B MeetingSpace and a delegate seat. It allows participants who avail of it access to all the benefits of a registered delegate including congress bag, delegate meals, and entry to all sessions. Under a regular B2B MeetingSpace ID, paticipants are only allowed access to the Content Marketplace area. The Special Networking Pass is available at USD 250.

4. B2B MeetingSpace Layout

a. Can I have a bigger space?

Yes. You may get more than one space depending on availability.

b. When is the layout available?

The layout will be available on the week of May 10, 2013. The process is that the sponsors choose their booth location first. Among the B2B MeetingSpace participants, the order of priority is on a first-come first-serve basis.

5. Schedule

a. What are the ingress and egress details?

Ingress (moving in) and Egress (moving out) details will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

b. What are the B2B MeetingSpace hours?

The MeetingSpace area is open from 8:30am to 6:30pm on both days. Please make sure that your space is open and ready to receive delegates at 8:30am.

6. General Information

a. Are we allowed to bring food at the hotel and eat in our spaces?

We are afraid this is not allowed. The best we can suggest is that the person taking care of the meeting space will go out and have a quick bite during the time that session is on – and not go out during the conference meal breaks.

b. What is the arrangement for the electricity, phone service, water stations and other utilities?

Only the booth contractor can provide the electricity. The range of amps is from 13 Amp 220v to 30 Amp 2220v only. Orders regarding water, phone and other utilities will have to be placed through the hotel.

c. Are we allowed to bring in our own AV system and electrical appliances?

Yes, bringing of own electric appliances is allowed. But please list down all equipment, materials, facilities and appliances that will be brought in the hotel, please fill-up the attached Ingress/Egress Form and email or fax it back to us at Fax No.: (632) 819-3752. Prepare two copies of this list. You will need to present this list to the guard at the employee’s entrance. The guard will check one by one the equipment that you are bringing in.

d. Is selling allowed at the B2B MeetingSpace?

Yes, by all means do sell. Our experience is that the audience are more comfortable with networking given the short period of time. Feel free to offer your services to them, sell your premium items, etc. It’s your space – it’s up to you to use it well.

e. What is the dress code at the B2B Content Marketplace?

All are requested to wear smart casual or business attire for the duration of the conference.

7. Contact Person

B2B Content Marketplace & Conference Inquiries: EXEDRA EVENTS

Rachel Fabon (Ms.)
Marketing & Media Coordinator
Suite AR 1, 27th Floor, Burgundy Corporate Tower
252 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave.
Makati City 1223, Philippines
Email: rachelfabon[at]exedraevents[dot]com

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